Now with the cloud storage facility we are able to access our images, documents, files and folders from anywhere we want as long as have internet access. Therefore, you will listen to new cloud storage names almost every now and then. One such free to use cloud storage is called pCloud. It is trying to make its presence felt amongst the users and that is the reason they have already come up with smartphone apps as well. As of now, Android users and the iPhone, users are the lucky ones who will get to use this app which provides up to 20 GB of free storage. Windows, Linux and Mac also support pCloud storage. If you are the owner of the Windows Phone or a Blackberry user, then you have to wait for a while before the app becomes available on your devices as well.


[divider] If you are a busy professional at home you do half work and at the office you complete the other half, then you know how difficult it is to merge these two. In case, you forget to carry the hard disk or the USB drive then you are in a trouble. But not anymore, for people like you pCloud has come up with the perfect solution. It is almost like other cloud storage therefore, if you are storing your work at home, then you will be able to access it from the office too. You can also keep all your HD videos or music albums in there. Another important thing about this pCloud storage is that you can download any file size within minutes. If you are concerned about uploading, then you can do really quick depending on the internet speed that your service provider provides you. If you want to listen to the music or go through a video, then also you will be able to do without any interruption that is buffering.


[divider] When we are storing data, we always are concerned about the safety of the documents because in many cases we deal with sensitive information and if by any chance it is revealed, then it will be a big trouble. Therefore, before we start using any service we always ensure that it is safe and pCloud provides its users with exactly that. It first copies the files and ensures that they are not stored in the same server. In fact, they have three different locations for the servers and the data center that they have is a highly secured one so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the documents.No need to worry, because they uses the TLS/ SSL encryption process in order to provide the maximum security. They don’t want to take any chances and that is the reason security is the top most priority for them.

pCloud Service

Nowadays, most cloud storage service providers use the encrypted method to ensure that nobody is able to hack the information that is stored in there. Moreover, the three different server locations ensures that there is no gap in the service, if one of the server fails, then the others are working so that you do not lose out your data.

FILE MANAGEMENTUploading files

There are three option to upload file pCloud.

You can choose a particular file and upload it to your pCloud folder.
You can upload a complete folder to pCloud, which is useful when one folder has large number of files in it.
Remote Download: You have to provide URL of file and pCloud will download it for you with maximum speed.

File sharing comes with 3 features as below:

Invite To Folder – Share Folder
Download Link – Share Download Link
Upload Link – Share Upload Link
Let us learn each feature one by one.

Invite To Folder – Share Folder


The first feature is to share folder with friends with an invitation


Using this feature, you can send share invitation to any email, even if it’s not yet a pCloud account. In “To” Field put your friends email id.
In “Permissions” field, you can set permission as Read, Create, Modify, and Delete. Right Check the box in front of the option as per your preferences.
Now click on “Share” button. After clicking this button, recipient will get notification in his/her email id.
Recipient just needs to accept the invitation.
Download Link – Share download Link


  • The second feature is share download link with friends


With this feature, you can share link to your files so people can view and download them.
You can check the download statistics and creation date of the folder or file.
In “link” filed you can see download link. Click on “Copy Link” to copy the link to the clipboard.
If you wish to create short link, then click on “Generate’ tab to create short link.
You can also share the link via twitter of Facebook as per your comfort level.
Upload Link – Share Upload Link

Third feature is share upload link with friends.
Using this feature, you can share link to this folder so your friends can upload files to your account.


After clicking on “Share Upload Link” button, you will see next window. Now write small note in “Comment” section and click on “Generate” button.
Here, you can find the same details as previous one.
Mail: It is temporary address for your mail.
Used Space: In this field, you can check the size and number of files
Link: This field gives the link to Folder (In the screenshot, I’ve shared link to “My videos” folder), so your friends can upload files to your account.
You can share this link on social media like facebook and twitter.
You will also be able to access the files from anywhere you like with any device as well. So, it doesn’t matter, whether you are trying to access the information from your office laptop or your iPhone. File sharing has also been made easy through pCloud and you will also be able to watch the videos or listen to the music of your choice comfortably.


You will fall in love with integrated video and audio player of pCloud. The audio player is powerful with shuffle and repeat option. You can also create your playlist.

Even more, if you have uploaded any movie on pClound account, then you can watch the movie within browser with integrated video player of pCloud. Player is also capable of playing HD movies, videos.

[divider] Real time changes can be witnessed in pCloud. So, if you are making any changes in the file, then it gets reflected right up there and you will be able to access the updated file from anywhere you like. The Immediate syncing of the computer and mobile happens and this takes place for all the files that you store. We know that, it is important for you to have an internet package on so, that you can access the cloud storage, but in the case of pCloud storage you can even access the files that you have marked as your favorites, when you are not connected to your data package.


If you want to share any folder with another pCloud user, then you will have to just right click on the tray icon of pCloud and select Share Folder. Now you have to select the folder that you want to share and just add the email address of that person with whom you want to share the folder and you are done.The person with whom you are sharing file, you can assign privilege level for read, write, modify and delete action. Setting up is an easy affair If you are not a tech geek then don’t freak out, because installing pCloud is not that tough. In fact the installation and then the setup is pretty easy but in case of free plan and the paid plans. As per your requirement and comfort level, you can choose username and password from the official website of the company while signing up for the new account. Just verify the email and subscribe for newsletter, in order to get notification about latest offer. Then, follow the instructions and you will be able to get the pCloud storage ready for you.


Now, you just have to ensure that you have opted for the right plan depending on your requirement. If you want to first try out the option, then you can opt for the free plan where you will get 10 GB of free space for storing your documents and can extend it up to 20GB. If you want some more space for storing, then 100 GB of storage space is provided for $4.99 each month and if you want pay yearly, then you will get a discount of 20% and the payment will be around $49.99. This one is the recommended plan as it provides enough space to cover your personal use. There are other two plans – one which allows you to store 300 GB and the other one is 1TB. $14.99 is the cost for 300 GB which is also the best seller of the pCloud storage services. In case, your requirement is huge then there is this option of 1TB for $49.99 each month. If you look into the Pros and Cons of pCloud, then you will see that the percentages of pros are more than the cons. Therefore, you can easily use this cloud storage for personal and professional use as well.

One more step heading to cloud transfer, pCloud launched unique cloud transfer service. It is completely separate service and doesnt need to be a pCloud user to use it. You can transfer file in two ways.

  1. Standard Transfer
  2. Encrypted Transfer

Standard TransferCapture

In order to send the files, you will have to go to pCloud transfer and use the option of Add Files to add the files of your choice by dragging and dropping files. Once you have added the files, put the email addresses of sender and receiver. You can also write a small description about file which is optional. Now you are ready to transfer the files.

Encrypted transfer


Encrypted transfer is also part of the game therefore, in case you want your files to be encrypted then you have to select the encrypted transfer tab in pCloud transfer. Encryption of high standards is maintained and that is the reason you will find an encryption method of military grade in here. When you are transferring files you must remember, that you have to keep the files within 200 MB. After the files have been selected, you will have to come up with an Encryption password in order to access the files that are encrypted. If you want your friends to access those files, then you will have to provide them personally the password to access these files. Here also, the option of writing down a short description is available, if you want you can make use of that. When you transfer the files, it will stay protected and will only be viewed by the people who have the password with them. When someone opens the link that you have downloaded, you will be sent a notification in your email. These links are active only for 7 days, but prior to the expiration you will be reminded through the emails.

Now, when it comes to verdict, pCloud scores 5 star out of five. The most amazing feature is it’s easy and user friendly UI of web interface and dedicated apps. Likewise, remote uploading feature makes pCloud unique, as it will be more useful when you need to upload any file on pCloud other than pc. We would like to recommend pCloud everyone whose is looking for option to manage the files from any location around the globe.