After a long time, I am back with article on how to re-enable Facebook chat in facebook app without messenger. As you know, facebook forced us to download new standalone facebook messenger. After, release unhappiness was trending on facebook. Oh.. dark knights JOKER also wanna be part of the commuiacation
There were too many unhappy members after this standalone messenger app including me and you. Obviously, thats why you are reading this post
History says, wherever there is problem, there is a solution. One of the unhappy XDA Senior member, AntaresOne decided to apply newtons logic with apple theory of course not. He took the matter in his hand, and somehow succeed to find a way to Re-Enable Facebook Chat In Facebook App Without Facebook Messenger.

Re-Enable Facebook Chat In Facebook App Without Facebook Messenger

Disadvantages of Facebook+Messenger installed at same time: battery drain and RAM consumption, device slow down etc. (especially low-end devices)

Advantages of Facebook Chat Enabler: Its only an enabler and is never executed by the system, meaning no battery drain/RAM consumption/resource eating at all. (Facebook app itself drains battery)

lets be a part of “Anti-Facebook Messenger” movement by installing facebook chat enabler.

Solution 1 :

Steps to Re-Enable Facebook Chat In Facebook App Without Facebook Messenger

Step: 1 Uninstall the official Facebook Messenger app from your android device.

Step 2: Download the Facebook Chat Re-enabler, and install it Step 3: Voila!! Fireup your facebbok app now. Check the facebook chat is working or not. NO WORRY if its not working my little jhony! Solution 2 :

Me too followed AntaresOne, not newton this time. Better luck next time, newton You already have too many followers. So, I took the matter in hand and finally did it.(research kind of lol!!!)

By Unistalling Facebook App and Installing Again

Step 1: Before uninstalling facebook app, take the backup of apk installer file by APK Share app or any other app.facebook app backup

Step 2: This is APK share apps screenshot. Click on the backup option. It will store apk installer file on phone memory or SD card.

Step 3: Uninstall facebook app from application manager.

Step 4: Browse the backup file stored on Phone memory or SD card memory.

Step 5: Voila!! Again facebook chat is enabled now.

Wrapping Up

First of all very thanks to AntaresOne with all due respect. All credit goes to him guys. If you didnt succeed to re-enable facebook chat dont worry do comment with problem.