Here we are with password manager apps for android. If you’re one of those people who think that you don’t need password manager apps because you can remember all of your passwords or because they’re all the same, you’re making a huge mistake! It is much easier to download clever apps for keeping all your passwords private and safe. They not only work for bank account, laptop and email data. It is also possible to keep your combination lock passwords there. Password Manager Apps for androidcombination locker locks.

Best password manager apps are alisted below. Here is one of the most versatiles bulk providers we’ve come across, so you get the picture. Using Chrome or note pads is not safe at all… Anyone can access those in no time!

Password Manager Apps for Android has always been a life saver for your device and tablet. Are you ready to check out the top 3 Best Droid Password App available for android? They’re sure to make your life easier while enhancing your password security.

List of Password Manager Apps of Android


LastPass stands as one of the leaders in password management with an Android app that offers everything you need to get secure storage for all of your information (images and audio recordings included), along with a password generator and cross-device syncing. It is Android Password Manager Free. LastPass also contains a built-in browser with auto-fill support and an outstanding auto-fill feature for third-party apps and the Chrome browser. Additional security is provided to Samsung Galaxy S5 users by supporting its fingerprint scanner for authentication.

Password Genie

Password genie is definitely one of our preferred choices in the Play Store. It works seamlessly as an electronic wallet, storing everything you want conveniently on your smartphone. It works as a Mobile Password Manager Android. The developers take pride in its simplicity –one single password is all you need to get going! Sync all of your data with every device you own, allowing any changes you make to be reflected in every platform you use. Store all your logins, passwords, insurance info, credit card numbers, pin numbers, garage codes, Rx numbers and a whole lot more. You can also store pictures of your cards, if you feel like it. This great app organizes your passwords by categories including, but not limited to, Car Rental, Credit Card, Hotel, Insurance, Passport, Bank Account, Birthday, Saved Login and Bookmark.


This excellent app allows users to store any number of passwords. If you check the mSecure features, you’ll find it is very much like Password Genie, but it’s much more functional in terms of searching through lists of features and passwords. It also works as Password Manager for Android Tablet.Working cross-platform on both Android/iOS and PC/Mac, the app’s one-of-a-kind password generator creates passwords that cannot be guessed. Data can be grouped in custom categories, so users don’t waste time trying to find passwords.