Today we will share a list of Top 17 Best Free VPN Services. There are some sites which are blocked in your country, but you would love to see what is in there, so what do you do? You can take the help of Virtual Private Network to access those restricted sites and also browse the internet in a safe and secured way. These days it is hard to locate which site is a threat even when you have anti virus loaded on your system.
Therefore, there is no harm in taking an extra layer of protection while surfing in the form of VPN. We will be discussing Top 17 Best Free VPN Services in here to help you out.

1. Vpnbook VPN – Best Free VPN
It is a free server SSL Virtual Private Network solution which is based on an OpenVPN. It helps you keep your network connection secure by encrypting it. Just download it and install the client to start using it with the help of a username and password.

2. Okay Freedom VPN – Free VPN Connection
As the name suggests it provides you with enough freedom to access the blocked websites of your country. By keeping your identity anonymous you can surf the net comfortably. Moreover, you will be allowed to access the websites of your choice from any corner of the world. While surfing in public hotspots you can make use of this VPN to surf the net securely.
3. CyberGhost VPN
Though they have a paid version, but you can also make use of the free version of the VPN which offers greater bandwidth speed and traffic. You will get 200 servers are as many as 19 countries.

4. Tunnel Bear VPN – Top free vpn download
It is one of the easiest VPN services that you can get for free of cost. The bandwidth that you will get in here is 500 MB each month. If you register with your twitter account, then you will get 1GB of bonus data as well. The Mac users along with Windows users can access it for free.

5. Hotspot Shield VPN – Best Free Vpn client
Hotspot is probably the most popular VPN all over the world which comes free of cost. It came into limelight by allowing access to Hulu even when it was blocked, thus proving its mettle. It also helps in providing you with the protection from identity theft.

6. Logmein Hamachi – best free vpn l2TP

It is easy to use and provides you with enough security to browse the internet. You will be able to manage it from anywhere you like and you can access it for free of cost anytime you like if you are using it for non commercial purpose.

7. Get US VPN – Best Free vpn for gaming
Secure and safe service is offered conveniently by the UK as well as USA data centers. It is fast and you will be able to access the sites like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon video as well as YouTube.
8. SecurityKiss
You don’t have to worry about your data anymore if you are using this SecurityKiss tunnel service. It provides your data with the security that it requires by redirecting the traffic through a tunnel which is not penetrable by anything to the security gateway. Encryption is the key to provide high security in the tunnel.
9. Spotflux Lite – Free VPN Service Provider
It is a browser add-on which starts its operation when you start browsing, but this is not applicable for Skype. This is only available for Google Chrome at this moment, but is expected that they will soon venture into other browsers as well. It is mainly used for keeping the data and everything secured so that even when you are browsing in public hotspot you will not have to fear about the security. There are some limitations too, and one of them is that it is made available in the USA only though other countries are also considered.
10. Packetix – Free VPN Download
It is a Japanese technology, which you can make use for free of cost. This is developed by SoftEther Corporation. You can create a hub all by yourself and use it for free and if required you will also be able to configure it easily. Remote connection can be created using this VPN in your home or you can unite the local networks that are available at various sites. It has a simple web interface making your navigation easy.

11. Vpngate VPN
Vpngate service is constrained by many vpn servers. These servers are provided by voulnteers around the globe. It supports all the platforms like Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows. It supports SSL, L2TP, OpenVPN, Microsoft SSTP. Without registration you can use this service. Each vpn server is configured with dynamic IP address. So it keeps on changing at random period.
12. Its Hidden
This VPN comes with ultimate privacy service and no complicated software installation. It supports PPTP and OpenVPN protocol. They have their own dedicated server. You can acces easily blocked site by your ISP. For free users they provided two server with unlimited bandwidth situated in USA and Europe.

13. VpnReactor
Vpn reactor comes with free accounts also, but because of huge requests, they limited their per vpn connection session to 30 minutes. You can also try pro account with 7 days free trial.

14. Tor VPN – Best Free VPN Software
Torvpn and tor browser are managed by same company. This VPN service comes with 1GB traffic quota. You can use HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and chatting messengers. Paypal and other high risk sites are blocked in free service. When you cross 1Gb quota, you can still use torvpn by enabling “Transparent tor Tunnel”, but it does not ensure about privacy and much more slower.
15. USAIP VPN – Top Free Vpn
Free account of usaip vpn comes with 11 VPN servers which are located at various location around globe. It also supports DNS forwarding proxy. Speed is limited to 200 kb/s with unlimited data transfer. It also supports streaming media, Skype, yahoo messenger, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP etc. You can send and receive mails without any hassle.

16. Anchor Hotspot Shield – Best Free VPN Ever
It is one of the best vpn service. It makes all sites HTTPS safe with good privacy management. It is completely freedom to access your all site without any problem. One more advantage of this service is , it provides malware protection at free of cost.

17. WebsiteVPN
It supports PPTP protocol only with good speed. There server are US and UK based, so need to worry about performance. Even you can play 1080p video without no buffer. There is no limit of speed and data quota.